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2010-08-21 19:35:02 by RaunchyFlask

Hey guys, I was finally scouted! I'm so happy. Now that you can see my art. feel free to make requests and add critique to any of my work. Also feel free to talk or send a message. Enjoy!

Good to be Back...for now

2010-08-07 10:47:35 by RaunchyFlask

Glad to be producing art again. I will probably keep on drawing this much until school starts in fall.

BattleField Bad COmapny

2010-02-05 07:41:39 by RaunchyFlask

Super excited about bad company


2010-01-26 10:36:25 by RaunchyFlask

newgrounds discourages asking for being scouted, but It's been a while. trouble is, I don't know anybody here... dang.